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In today’s credit crisis loans and contracts between private parties are a more important part of our financial success than ever before in American history. Without this lending solution as many as two thirds of us won’t have the access to capital required to make a large item purchase like a home or business.

Private money loans between friends, family or other investors have been an American institution since the days of our founding fathers. Let’s face it, it’s the greatest secret in finance today and it can be an incredible victory for both the seller/lender and buyer/borrower only if handled correctly.

To insure your success, have your private loan or owner financed contract managed using American Money’s contract management system.

In the United States today there are billions of dollars in private financing and most of these loans have little or no documentation. If you have one of these undocumented notes consider placing the management with American Money to increase your chances of success and maximize your return.

We’ll help you through the process of properly documenting the loan and with proper accounting to insure correct reporting to the IRS. At the same time we createa permanent record to prove the payments were made on time. Our payment records are accepted by lenders and institutions worldwide and a good payment history is essential in obtaining refinancing.

Use the American Money team and realize success. Read more about the extensive list of benefits in the pages that follow.

So whether you’re a seller just trying to get it sold, a buyer looking for that loan, an investor after the right opportunity, a lender exploring options to help a turned down client, or any other element of the American dream everyone needs American Money!

Explore all of your options today. Call an expert now to find out how you can benefit from using “American Money”!

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